R3 Expeditions

Are you and your expedition R3???

Expeditions can come in all shapes and sizes, from individual efforts to large teams. They can be extremely gruelling every day or major logistic headaches that go on day after day for many months. They need to be prepared and planned well in advance and often cause severe mental anxiety for those less accustomed and new to the expedition environment.

The concept of R3 for our expedition focus is quite simple in practice and on paper, to be, Resilient, Reliable and Ruggedised.


Very rarely will a big expedition plan run smoothly and go exactly to plan. Dealing with unexpected twists and turns, dealing with the doubters, fighting the financial stresses and strains is very much part of the course. In the big expedition world resilience is a must, having the ability to sit back, relax and think things through in a calm and rationale way is often easier said than done but is without doubt the best way to deal with these unexpected turns.


The requirement for reliability crosses so many spectrums on big expeditions. So many things can let you down if you make the wrong choices early on. Reliability is as much about people as it is about equipment and logistics. People will let you down, they will not deliver on the promised budget or in the timeline first stated. Picking the right people for the expedition and picking those that support you are key early questions and critical decisions to make for a smoother longer-term plan. Equally the right equipment and logistics plan is vital. Research, research, and research to ensure you have the reliable tools you need to carry out any given task


Toughness, another vital component of expedition planning. Both personally from a physical and mental aspect but also across all your equipment. Just how tough is it really going to be??, what exactly is the weather going to be like??, are there any weak points that will break at the first sign of hardship. Do we ourselves, our clothing, our cameras, our communications, and safety gear really measure up or can we improve them.

To build, sustain and ultimately be successful on any major expedition, we believe you must have all 3.

Here at The Outdoor athlete we want to engage with major expedition planners and their teams. We want to hear and share your stories so that others can be inspired and together we can all learn from discussing honest mistakes often made and great success stories.