**NEW** Zastrugi Vaquita 1 Man 3 Season Tent

The Zastrugi Vaquita 1 Man Tent has arrived safely in our hands and it has been put through its paces already by our very own expert and designer Baz Gray.

The tent is very high quality and designed to be in line with all of our principles here at Zastrugi:

Competitive, Reliable, Environmentally Friendly and Light Weight. 

Also at Zastrugi we want all our products to be of multiple use so we have designed a tent that can be used 3 ways with a separable Ground Sheet, Inner Tent and Outer Tent. You can erect and use all three at the same time or break them down individually depending on weather and circumstances.

Above you can see the Inner tent being utilised on its own.

Some of the key facts and benefits of the tent are:

  • Lightweight – Coming in at under 2KG complete.
  • Robust and Reliable – Triple stitching on all key areas, Lightweight 20D Ripstop material on Ground Sheet, Inner Tent and Outer Tent.
  • 5000 HH waterproofing making it exceptional in wet conditions.
  • Tough 8.5mm Yunon aluminium poles.
  • Tough Lightweight aluminium pegs
  • 1.8mm tough reflective cord throughout.
  • Excellent headroom and porch admin space.
  • Superb storage space and mesh pockets throughout.
  • Great ventilation.
  • Dome style construction giving great stability in strong winds.

A series of videos are being produced to illustrate the features and benefits of the tent which will be available soon on www.zastrugi.co.uk

Please keep an eye on the Outdoor Athlete for an opportunity to win one of these tents and also apply to become part of the trials team to help us continue to allow the outdoor community to be involved in our development.



Baz Gray


September 11, 2020