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    Win a signed copy of Endurance.

    Next week Baz is interviewing SAS Soldier, Polar Adventurer and Decorated Leader; Louis Rudd about his book Endurance.

    To enter the competition reply with a question for Louis on the Forum.  All questions will go into a hat and Louis will pick out 2 winning questions.

    Great book. 

    Live your life by a compass, not a clock
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      Tim Winter

      On your solo crossing, there have been a number of comments made that it didn’t really count, as it wasn’t sea-to-sea and the use of the “McMurdo-South Pole Highway” equates to outside assistance. What are your thoughts on this?

      Fantastic achievement, regardless! Many thanks.


      Red, brown sauce or no sauce at all on an egg banjo?

      Awesome achievement! 💪🏼👏🤙🏼

      Paul Cooper
      <p style=”text-align: center;”>What coping/planning measures did you practice in training that helped you when faced with emergency situations such as really rough weather or sleep deprivation</p>
      Matt Mason


      What was your darkest moment before, during and after the crossing?




      Neil Spalding
      Which, if any, of the polar explorers from the heroic age, inspired you most any why?
      Steve Scott-Fawcett
      If you had met Henry Worsley’s (RIP) ghost on the way what would you have said to him and why?
      Trevor Potts
      <p>Louis </p><p>Could you give us your thoughts on the ethics of Polar Travel – Polar Records – Sponsorship and how these elements fit together?</p><p>Many thanks.</p>
      Kavita Viziakumar
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      What techniques or strategies did you use to maintain your mental resilience during difficult periods of the crossing?
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