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    Matt Mason
    Hi all,


    I am currently in the early process of setting up trans-globe cycle. Attempting to cycle around the world on a tandem bike.


    The route has to cover 18,000 miles on the bike but over 24,000 total (to account for traveling over water between countries), the route also has to travel either east to west continuously or west to east (no back tracking allowed!) We are hoping to cover 150 mile per day with a rest every 10th day.


    It would be great to get your ideas on type of bike, lightweight kit/camping/sleeping gear and route. I have a route in mind but sharing is caring so it would it be great to hear some thoughts and any advice from avid cyclists or tourers.


    Thanks in advance.




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      Matt, the guy’s at Planet X have their Titanium frames built by one of the worlds best Titanium frame factories see here. Planet X Titanium Bikes

      They don’t do a Tandem bike but I know a lot of endurance-based/touring riders like Titanium because of it’s strength to weight ratio and the comfort of the ride.    Titanium is definitely worth considering.

      On the Tent front, Baz is working with a world-class manufacturer to design his own tent which has all the features of top-end tents, plus added design features and a fraction of the cost.   Baz can advise better.



      Hi Matt, Have you heard of  the Massive Ginger Beard – Sean Conway? He cycled around the world and has since done numerous challenges like the worlds longest Triathlon.

      I can remember one thing from his book; The trouble with Brooks Saddles. For some reason the leather on the saddle sunk over time. This caused the height of the seated position to lower. (Not by much) but when you are in the saddle for days at a time it can have a massive effect on your activated muscles/ back and knees. so in conclusion if you can: Touch base with Sean. He is probably well up for a chat & get a saddle that will stand up to the distance and not droop 🙂

      I know that Sean used a rohloff gear system instead of a standard front/rear mech to reduce risk of damaging delicate components . i won’t advise either way but i am sure he has his opinions.


      His Book: Cycling the Earth – Sean Conway

      it’s worth a shout to reach out to him.






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      (*_*) Just over the next hill...
      I second Nobby’s recommendation on the book.  I have added an Amazon link to the book. it might add 2p to the charity 🙂

      Hope you don’t mind Nobby

      Live your life by a compass, not a clock
      Matt Mason
      Cheers Guys!


      I will take a look at the Titanium frames, we were leaning to steel. The reason being the Guiness WR say that the same bike has to be used for the entire route, meaning if we were to have a serious issue with the frame, we could get it welded pretty much anywhere in the world. But we will certainly have the discussion and get in contact with some titanium frame builders.


      Nobby, I saw Sean Conway speak at the RGS in London, a great talk although short due to the line up. I’ll get the book and have a read, it would be interesting as I have heard nothing but good things about the brookes saddle! Im sure Mark Beaumont used a Rohloff gear system swell, certainly worth a look! We have a number of months to come up with a design that we are happy with so may be worth getting out and using a few bikes with the two systems.


      Ideally we need something that we can fix anywhere in the world, walking into a shop in the middle of nowhere and be able to get a part for the bike sort of thing. Although we could organise parts in advance to specific shops in say Perth for example to alleviate that problem.

      Lots to think about! Now its time for a beer!

      Cheers for the advice gents.






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