Designing my own Tent

An Introduction to the idea and why??

Designing my own Tent

For over 35 years I have travelled all over the globe from one adventurous journey to another. I have lived and worked in the desert, in Jungles, up mountains and my favourite of all places, the extreme cold.

Whilst on my journey I have instructed, been instructed and been responsible for the safety and welfare of 1000’s of people in some of the most remote parts of the planet. I have also witnessed the technological development of all aspects of expedition equipment. Technology, especially in the last decade has gone from strength to strength. I have used the poorest of equipment to the absolute best, I understand exactly what I need for the situation I know I will be in.

It is this equipment technology that has always fascinated me, and it is an area I have always wanted to get involved in, but have never had the opportunity until now that is.

Over the past two years, I have been working for a company called SATcase, a unique piece of equipment I trialled when in Antarctica during the summer season 2018-19. SATcase is designed to allow the user to make Satellite phone calls from their smartphone by Bluetooth to the SATcase unit. There is nothing like it on the market and it was exciting to be doing something nobody else was doing.

On my return from Antarctica, I sat down with the SATcase senior team and at the end of the meeting I was asked to join the company full time in order to help better the device and take it to the market place. This offer was made to me by Trevor Parker who is the CEO at SATcase and an extremely successful and well-respected businessman across many genres.

Like me, Trevor was a former Royal Marine and that organisation has always forged great respect amongst its peers whilst serving and once you become a veteran, it is an extension of your family. Our relationship as friends and in business has gone from strength to strength; I have been guided, shown the ropes, and set on a course of new opportunity.

Trevor is also a very outdoors and adventurous person, in particular sailing, (see Trevor’s blog on owning and building his own boat here). When the idea was discussed designing a tent and various other equipment, well, it seemed like an opportunity not to be missed. We both have the skills, understanding and experience to know what people want and Trevor already has the business skills and industry contacts to make it happen. The decision was made, we were going to do this.


To attempt the creation of a range of tents to suit all scenarios and all environments.  (The UK and Global)

In the past, I have chosen a different tent-style or design based on the conditions I might face on the next expedition. The main decision factor is always based on the weather; how hot/cold, wind speeds, rainfall/snowfall as well as how I am going to carry my tent; on my back, on a bike, in a vehicle etc.

I now want to look at how I can pull all environments and situations into one tent design. This is easier said than done and many questions need to be asked. Here are some of the thought processes I have been through to get to my ultimate tent design.

May 27, 2020

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